10 things to do after Baccalaureate

What to do after Baccalaureate?

Such a tricky question even if it is not asked loudly. Well done if you got the baccalaureate. If you did not get this year, you can try again next year. Either way, this is a very exciting and scary moment. I mean, that is the double-edge sword with each success; we are happy that we succeeded, but actually, it requires us to take further steps, make more important decisions. So, here, I would like to share some tips of how you can begin your student life post- baccalaureate. Yes, you should continue studying after baccalaureate. Studies show that your chance of success increases when you continue in higher education.

  1. Take a break – Relax after the exam result

Yaaay, the first thing to do is really to take a small or a huge break and enjoy the success of your degree. Even after the manal’azy vita BACC. Yes, you’ve been working so hard during the year, it’s time to enjoy a bit of good time, so do things you like, and spend time with friends and family. We know how to do that right? haha


2. Find out about available opportunities around you

Yes, you may already have an idea about what to study after your BA, or if you don’t, that’s alright as well. But before deciding what and where to study, become informed on the different courses available and their costs. The university where you study will impact your future, so it’s worthwhile to be careful in choosing where at what to study. Yeah, please bear in mind, that all available courses may not be considered valid or valued equally by public institutions where you would like to work. You can also check the ratings and ask people about their experiences and career paths following the degree.

3. Get ready financially for university studies 

Do you know that families in the US often save money for University as early as when children begin in school? Higher education is seen as a big investment, especially in well regarded institutions. Although financial planning may not be common in Malagasy culture, you can still prepare with part time jobs and other things.

4. Get ready for life at university

I remember after I got the baccalaureate, I thought life would be easier, I thought that the baccalaureate exam was the worst, and the rest would be a piece of cake. I wish somebody told me the reality. Yes, the reality is things are always getting more complicated. The higher levels you achieve, the more complex the work you’ll be doing , so be prepared for that. I remember taking classes at 6am at my university, I arrived at the uni and the teacher did not come: such a nightmare for me. Everybody who studied there knows about this (maybe not all though). There is also the group work (yes, there is still group work) where more than half of the participants are either not there or not participating… all of this, you need to get ready for.


5. Do extra-curricular activities

After high school is a great time to do additional activities that relate to your passion, if you have been too busy during your final academic year. What you can do? There are different clubs for you to attend, and leadership you can offer. Don’t just attend, offer to carry responsibilities. This will pay off when you start working, because that’s the kind of person companies are looking to hire. Moreover, it can help prepare you with experience for your own initiatives or business. Those activities can also connect you to people, who can possibly become your future colleague or even an employer.

6. Save money 

This is more straight forward, but involves a lot of planning ahead. It’s always good to have some money with you for small activities and projects in the future, and even for outing with friends. And also it’s not only after baccalaureate that you need to save money, it should be a regular activity from then on.

7. Find scholarships or financial aid

The first three years of uni is the best time to look for scholarships and get ready for post-graduate opportunities. Yes, scholarships require a lot of preparation and most of them are for master studies, so research those available, and be prepared to approach their deadlines for an international diploma.


8. Search for and take on internships

Sometimes, we want to continue studying right after we graduated. It is totally right. But another way we can get ready for college is also to look for internships to get more experience in your professional interests and in the context that you hope to work. It can give you an idea on what you want to study after, and a chance to learn from experience. But hey, if you can, I would suggest you wait to work and earn a salary, because once you are used to making money, it may be harder to return to your studies.

9. Learn a new language 

When I was at the university in my third year, there were many strikes, so I was losing a lot of time. Instead of waiting, I decided to study English during that time. It was really worth it because I got to learn English and did not waste my time. I got to connect to many people, participate in different activities and open to a new environment I was not used to. Also, mastering a language is a great way to make your university life richer and get ready for professional life after.


10. Always have a next step in life

This last step is more like a reminder: set one objective after another. I would advise you consider this a mindset for growth, not only for post baccalaureate but for all your future. Yes, as we create our road for success, we need to have ideas of its destination. And for that, we need to set small goals and take steps for them. This may not seem like something obvious if you’re not used to it, but there are people who can help you set your goals. Leave us a message, if you want to hear how…


Thanks guys, I hope it helped a bit to get ready for post-baccalaureate life and for pre-university life.

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