6 New Year’s resolutions every young person should have

6 New Year’s resolutions every young person should have for 2019

There are several things we do every New Year. One of them is setting New Year’s resolutions. We all know how easy it is to list the hundred things we want to do every year. And we all know also how hard it is to accomplish them, if we remember them all.

We did some research and found that the resolutions below are must haves for young people and students.

To encourage us, studies made by the University of Scranton show that in the USA, about 40% of people made New Year’s resolutions in 2013. Among that number, 8% of them achieved their goals (1). This means that there are people who do succeed in fulfilling their resolutions. The key is: make your resolutions simple, tangible and clear.

Remember the most important thing is to plan, work hard towards them and the end, we all learn something and can be proud of ourselves.

So here are the 6 must have New Year’s resolutions:


1- Increase your sleeping time

When we are young, we want spend most of our time doing whatever we want. The positive thing is our body can follow the rhythm we inflict to it. The negative side is, it affects our abilities in many ways. So getting more sleep will certainly help you to be more focused and productive, without using energy drinks and coffee.

2- Have (at least) one volunteering activity per month

It is great that nowadays, there are many activities, we, young people can do with our time. Volunteering is one of them. Not only, it will help you connect to different people and organisations, but it will broaden your horizons and show you different opportunities and experiences you could not get elsewhere. So, don’t wait, look around and offer your time and get more skills, experiences, and network.

3- Learn (at least) one new skill

Every year, we have 365 days full of surprises and unknown. Thankfully, we have the power to create what we want to see at the end of it. One way to make it happen is by setting an objective to learn one new skill. A skill can be anything you want to learn to add something up to what you already know because there are still a lot out there to learn. A new skill can be as simple as taking a driving class, learning a language or cooking. Make a list of what you already know and what you want to know and start with one of them. Good luck, you won’t regret it.

4- Travel somewhere new

One day, on a plane, I saw a few quotes on the screen in front of me. I was so amazed by how traveling shapes us. I want to share with you two of them, which summarize the main reasons why you should consider traveling, locally or internationally. One of them is that “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions” (Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr). The other is “Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer” (Unknown). It says it all: don’t wait. If you don’t know where you want to go and how you will do it, start by thinking about it and working on it.

5- Save money

There are many things to say about finance here. But the most interesting question maybe is: how to get money? As a young person, or a student, learning to be independent, we need to find ways to have our own money so that we can freely use it on our expenses or invest in a project we want in the future. One simple way to save money is putting a little aside each week. When saving, we are sometimes tempted to spend it, but putting aside an amount which is not too much for you can help you not focus much on them.

6- Think of making an impact around you

As a young person, it is the time to start doing great actions out there. Making an impact not only helps us realize the power we have to participate in something meaningful around us, but it can also alleviate other people’s difficulties. Think about things you can do, from helping someone getting out of the bus, or joining a club and doing good activities, or volunteering.


To conclude, we hope we gave you a few insights on how to prepare this year with these resolutions. Don’t forget to share what your resolutions are, if you think it can help others too. Wishing you a great year!!



(1) Forbes article, published on Jan1, 2013





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