3 concepts behind madagrads.com

1. A successful career starts with a good foundation

Among all the successful people I’ve met, I’ve never seen one who said building a successful career is easy. Yes, it’s a lot of work, they say; a lot of sacrifices, focus and the list is long. Here, we bring support in how Malagasy students and youth prepare for their career, both personally and professionally. We believe that when young people are guided and supported, it  is possible to create a well founded future. Here, we encourage students and youth to be in an environment of success already because our environment influences us. Our mission is to be a platform that encourage student’s growth, empowerment and success through a space where windows of opportunities will open. We hope to help students and graduates to find the right opportunity for them, or who knows , they can  create their own opportunity themselves. Possibilities can be unlimited when we put no limit to them.


2. A friendly platform for companies and NGOs

We acknowledge companies make endless efforts to give opportunities to young people and students in the big island. Corporates, NGO’s and other organisation are open to young people in their world and activities with a lot of opportunities of internship, volunteering or other kinds of possibilities for students to grow and get ready for the professional world. This is the reason why we are here: to facilitate that communication and interaction between companies and those young people. The platform is active and friendly, welcoming all agents who are willing to reach as much young people and students as possible.


3.The best things in life are meant to be shared

Either on facebook, instagram or other platform, we love to share what matters to us, we love to share: our opinions and mostly things that were helpful for us with others. It’s great we have social medias to do so. We want to continue in that perspective by enlarging the space, where  sharing good things can happen. Because best things in life are meant to be shared, we are an open space for those who want to share positivity, opportunities for growth around us.

What’s next?


For you,..


For you, us, students, graduates, or youth looking for opportunities; the next step is to take the step to find the things you want to do in life. That’s the easiest thing to say but who doesn’t know that’s the hardest thing to do. So, why not check any opportunity on here? whether you want to volunteer, or intern or just attend any educational event to get inspired and to meet new people? Give it a try, you never know… opportunities happen at the moment you least expect.


For companies,…


For corporates, companies, NGO’s that have something for youth and students, apart from job offers, you can sign in on the website and share opportunities on there. We’ll do our best to reach as many students, graduates and youth as possible. We welcome educational events as well so if you organise them, we would be more than happy to share.


For us,…


We, madagrads.com team, are available for any advices or questions about opportunities available. Contact us on here, via contactus@madagrads.com and we’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. We are also open to any more suggestions and possibilities to reach our objective and mission, so do not hesitate to get in touch.


Education is not only about going to school or to university; it’s about knowing to grab the right opportunity for us, to choose the right path for us, so let’s do this together!!


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